Ear for Words

Delivering eloquent and accurate Danish translation and proofreading

Translation & proofreading

We are a duo of experienced Danish writers and proofreaders who specialize in translating English and Spanish to Danish. With our passion for the written word, we deliver eloquent and easily understandable Danish translations. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality Danish texts that are both accurate and captivating.


"Gustav Carl Rey Henningsen is an excellent proofreader. He has great grammatical and linguistic insight. He is eminent at gaining an overview of the content and contexts of complicated texts."

Rune Lykkeberg, Chief Editor, Information, Danish newspaper and book publisher

Some of our clients:

Momondo, Aller Magazines, Information, Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen, Altinget, Jyllands-Posten, Femina, Tiderne Skifter, Gladiator, Trap Danmark, Textrovert (Tech Blog), Al Jazeera


Every text and task is different. We attach importance to good communication with our clients before we start the work and during the translation proces.

The following rates are only indicative. Please contact us with a description of the task, so we can assess what is needed and make you a good offer.

  • Translation: From English and Spanish to Danish. We know the ins and outs of Danish culture and how the messages are perceived.

  • Proofreading: We always do a full thorough proofreading that includes punctuations, grammar, spelling, phrasing and style.

  • We also offer double proofreading by two proofreaders, pre-editing and editing, content writing, podcast-editing.

There is also the spoken word. We have great experience in mixing and editing sound and podcasts. Since we are also professional musicians, we can compose and record a unique musical intro and theme for your podcast. Please contact us with your ideas and we will help make it happen.

Podcast & sound